Jul 12, 2005

Conversations with Jenna

Background: The fly-eating guy works on a rig in Thailand, so he's gone for a month, then home for a month.

Jenna: Mom, Lynsie's dad isn't home?
Me: Nope. He's still gone.
Jenna: His truck is there.
Me: I know, but he's not there.
Jenna: Oh. Is he still in 'Playland'?
Me: Playland?
Jenna: Yeah, in 'Playland,' where he works?
Me: Yep, he's still in Playland.
Jenna: I think it's probably fun there.

Hope you're having fun in 'Playland.'


void said...

Playland , Ha! How about PAYLAND - even better?!

OCSally said...

HA!!! There used to be a neighborhood bar here called Playland...& yes the Daddys had great fun there....

Anonymous said...

The Flyeater Says:

That made me laugh so hard! Tell Jenna I am indeed having fun in "Playland".

It's OK to lie to kids when it makes them feel better, right?

Actually Mike, you are exactly right. I guess that is the reason I can say I am having fun, huh?

Thanks for making me laugh (continually) from halfway around the world, S...