Jul 12, 2005

Open letter to the instructors at Cypress Academy

To Sam, Becky, and Brandy,

Thank you, oh, thank you, for not beating my child. Thank you for acting like it's completely normal when a child tears away from the rest of the class, and throws herself into the foam pit, citing, "I just want to jump for a minute." Thank you for acting impressed when my child tries to do a cartwheel on the balance beam, instead of freaking out because she's supposed to just be standing there on her toes. Thank you for not threatening her with death when she runs away like a little sprite, and heaves herself up onto the parellel bars and tries to stand. But most of all, thank you for acting like it's just another day, when I leave, Jenna flailing from my hip, legs kicking, screaming at the top of her lungs that she'll "be good next time!" Next time....next time, I'll be sure to bring the holy water. The priest sounded convincing when he told me to sprinkle it upon her head.

p.s. Miss Sam, Jenna adores you, and pretends she's you all the time.

Thanks again,

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