Sep 11, 2009

She's six. Holy crap.

Yesterday, my baby girl turned SIX. I know this is cliche, but it really feels like yesterday that she was in my tummy, just waiting to bust out. She is, indeed, one of the two most amazing kids ever (Jenna being the other). She is loving, kind, smart, and so freaking funny. Example:

SMM: [breaking off a piece of cookie and showing Clairey] Look, a right triangle.
Me: [Looking at Clairey] Isosceles.
Clairey: Gracias!

SHE, herself, is entertainment. All wrapped up into a tiny little body. we go:

~Letter to Clairey~

My little piglet, I love you so much. So much more than words could ever say. So much more than my arms can hold you. You are the most loving little girl. I have garnered more kisses from you at 6 years old, than most people will get in a lifetime. I love how, as I sit reading to you and your sister, you snuggle up to my side, and just sit there---giving me little kisses on my arm. Every once in a while, i'll have to say, "Clairey, scoot over! I can't turn the page," and you'll say, "But mommy, I just love you SO much!" Heartmelter.

You are now in your 3rd week of kindergarten. You have brought home, approximately, 15 drawings--I am not kidding when I say that 90% of them are of you and i holding hands with hearts over our heads. On nearly every worksheet you bring home, there is either a picture of you and I, or a little kindergarten-scribble that says, "I [heart] Mommy."

You've had a hard time, not at school, but being HOME after school. After you hop off the bus, with that sweet smile on your face, you'll start to cry at the tiniest of things. We don't have grapes? Let's cry. The chair is pushed in wrong? Let's cry about that, too. You're tired. Full-day kindergarten is a lot for a little one. However, you say that the problem is that you miss me. "School is SO LONG," you say, "and I miss you all day!" I miss you, too, pumpshkin. But you'll be fine--one day, you won't miss me when you're at school---and then I'LL probably cry.

Here you are, suddenly a little girl--not a baby--and i'm beside myself with tears/pride/emotion. You are growing into such a lovely little person. You have an amazing heart, and a brilliant mind. You are an amazing gymnast. One day, we'll all see you in the Olympics--i am sure of that. Your coaches adore you, and I adore watching you. I'm so proud. I'm proud of who you are, and what you are becoming. I am so proud to be your mommy; so proud to be able to watch you grow up.

But remember: You may grow older with every passing year, but you will ALWAYS be my baby girl.

I love you more than the world,


vanessa said...


Oh my goodness, what a sweet and loving dedication to your little girl. Your cup is overflowing, darling. Thanks for the share!


Anonymous said...

u always make me cry with these letters - the chicks r so luck 2 have a wonderful mom like u!
love, jacki

Anonymous said...

stephie- i look forward to these letters every single year. as usual, i'm sitting here crying after reading this one.

i can't believe she's six already. SIX!

Anonymous said...

Good Lord, I have a fricken lump in my throat! My little beeb's is 6!!! -Aunt Nan-