Sep 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to me, how crappy can it be?

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 35. THIRTY FIVE. I'm not particular about my age, which is why i don't mind sharing. There's always someone that will be older than me, and someone will always be younger than me, so who gives a rat's ass?

My day started out as such:
SMM's Jeep is broken. We thought it was the battery--it's not. We thought it was the starter--it's not. I had to drive him down to his workplace (since the Jeep is still parked in his work parking garage), and sit there whilst he attempted to fix the beast that is the Jeep.

After sitting there for an hour and a half, we had no choice but to leave. One reason is that nothing SMM did worked, and the other reason is that I had a lunch meeting with my boss and coworkers.

After I got home from lunch (which was lovely--my coworker brought me cupcakes from Crave--delish), and the girls got home from school, we had to run over to SMM's grandfather's house to pick up his extra truck (so SMM has a way to get to work). We left straight from there to gymnastics.

Gymnastics was great; albeit, Jenna deemed it necessary to whine about how she didn't want to read, and how BORING reading was. BLASPHEMY!! Clairey had a great workout. We all piled back into my new car, backed out, and someone backed out right into me.

SO...the backend needs to be replaced, the right light, and the right-side quarter panel. I don't even have real plates on it yet--still paper. Lovely.

However, once I got home, SMM fixed it all up. He called the girls into the house and had them put on party dresses. He had dinner made, my favorite wine, candles lit, music playing, and the formal dining room all prettified. After dinner, he watched the girls while I soaked in a hot tub (he had lit candles, poured me another glass of wine, and had music playing in the bathroom). He put the girls down for the night, and then treated me to a long massage. He's brilliant. I think i'll keep him.

[I drop of the car at the body shop tomorrow. Dammit.]

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