Sep 24, 2009

More Claireyisms

I should really just write a book, which would be a compilation of all that comes out of this kid's mouth.

Yesterday, on the way home from gymnastics, the girls and i were discussing how school went that day. It was Clairey's turn, and she was telling Jen and I how she has a friend named, "Ashley" (i think--it was an 'A' name--i know that for sure). Clairey was saying how nice she is, and how they play nice. Then she says, "She's 'a meez.'"
"A what?" I asked.
"A MEEZ," says my child.
"Huh?" says Jen.
"A. MEEEEEZ!!" says Clairey, emphatically.
"Baby, I don't know what a 'meez' is."

And then, I get this:
"Moooom! You know...'a meez.' Like, 'vietmameeez, chimeeez, japanameez!"

God help me. If I don't drive off the road in hysterical laughter by the time this kid is 10, i'm going to consider myself a success.

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Homeschool Housewife said...

That totally made me laugh out loud! Kids are so funny. The way they think! Thanks for sharing!