Feb 28, 2007

Let's be real

If the Girl Scouts were smart, they'd list the caloric content of Thin Mints by the sleeve. Let me help out all of you fellow Thin-Mint-eaters:

Serving Size: 1 sleeve
Fat: 32g
Carbs: 88


Anonymous said...

Not listening...la la la la la la....Cant hear you....

Amy said...

You crack me up. But I will rememebr this since the only way to eat these are by the sleeve. LOL.

Chad said...

Yeah, and you had to pick the lowest calorie type, too. I am a Samoa man myself. Don't even want to know what a box of those adds up to.

As a 300 lb+ guy, I don't ever remember having an actual "serving" of anything after 10 years of age. I was 200 lbs in friggin 8th grade!

Sorry, my vent is over. LOL