Feb 21, 2007

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Yesterday night, the chicks got into some kind of weird cleaning frenzy. They cleaned the playroom together, then Jenna went on to clean the "sleeping room," and the bathroom. She does this every once in a while, and it's very rarely that she can coerce Clairey into taking part in it. Claire, like most 3-year olds, makes more of a mess when trying to clean up then actually cleaning up. After each room was clean, I'd have to be led to that room (with my eyes closed), so the chicks could yell, "Surprise!" and show me what they had done. Wherein, I would act as if I had won a million dollars, and cover them in kisses to show how proud I was.

The way Jenna cleans up, is rather intriguing. Now, it's been well-publicized through this blog that I suffer (well, USED to suffer--yay for medication) from serious OCD. Gotta wonder if I've passed it on to the kid. In the playroom, she had all her "grasslands" animals lined up by type. Siberian tigers first--by size, then the regular tigers, then the leopards, then the feral cats. I actually don't know if they're feral, but since she says they live in the grasslands, lets say they are. Then I walked into the bathroom and saw this:

I asked Jen why she put everything on the side of the bathtub (these are what they play with in the bathtub--"real" tub toys?? WHY? They're quite happy with measuring spoons...). She replied, "Because this is how things go. First the circles, then the greens." NICE.

I just gave her a kiss, then walked back to the living room. But not without warning SMM:

"When you go to the bathroom, don't freak out if it says, 'RED RUM' on the mirror..."

Jenna: She's something else.


Swishy said...

You want to send Jenna over to my house??? :)

Chad said...

Yeah, but let's hear it for chicks that grow up to be engineers... :-) How the heck did you end up an English chick? LOL. My nephew has Asperger (as you know). I think I will buy him a calculator for his 13th birthday...