Nov 5, 2004

Nebulizers R Us

I have bronchitis. I worked from home today and I actually WORKED. When I work from home, I usually "work" from home--you know...I really don't "work" in the sense of "working." I'm taking augmentin. Those pills are the size of a small goat. Ugh. I put one in my mouth and my mouth just doesn't really know what to do with it. My brain is saying, "Swallow! Swallow the damned thing!" Yet my mouth is setting off an alarm that's saying, "Chew! Chew! Oh. My. God. Chew!" The whole thing ultimately ends up in my choking on the pill until my throat gives in and pushes the thing down. I have the things for 10 days, 2x a day, so my life isn't going to improve much in the coming days. Tonight's Scott's poker night. Me and the chicks were supposed to go to Angel's and just spend the night, but I'd rather not get lung tissue on her floor. I called her and apologized. As much as I'd love to go over there, let the kids play, and treat myself to a drink, the combination of chest congestion and antibiotics just doesn't mix well with liquor. You know...I could make a Hot Toddy and call it therapuetic.

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