Nov 1, 2004

A mess of globbity-goo

November?! What a wonderful, wonderful weekend! I SO love the time I get to spend with my babies. Jenna was pretty good at gymnastics on Saturday. I still had to sit by the wall, but she at least participated. We left with her telling me how much she loves gymnastics. She's becoming attached to one of the instructors, and i think that helps a lot. She doesn't do well with change, so as long as Traci is her teacher, she does okay. ~**~~*~*~*~*~*Over the monitor, I heard Claire crying--just waking from her nap. I was about to go get her, then I hear Jenna: "Hi, Boo-boo. Hi my boo-boo magoo! Did you have a nice sleepy? Did you?" I spent the next few minutes cleaning my melted heart off the floor.

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