Nov 10, 2004

10 things I miss about my pre-mommy life

Not that I don't simply adore my "mommy" life, but there are certain things I miss. Not in any particular order:
1. Sleep. Obviously. The 5-6 hours of completely interrupted sleep is just not working well for me.
2. Sitting down with dh and watching a movie that does not involve a Mexican, pint-sized explorer with a talking primate.
3. Options. I can no longer even consider joining the Peace Corps, teaching English in Japan, or just packing up and moving to Mexico. Having loud, noisy sex in the kitchen is pretty much out, too.
4. My boobs. I can't even remember having boobs that do not make milk.
5. Going out and only carrying my license and some lip gloss. For a 5-minute trip to the grocery store, it looks like we're packing for an expedition to Alaska.
6. Reading books. Grown-up books.
7. Quiet. I used to have so much quiet time, I'd get bored. Now, I get, roughly 5 minutes. And that's only if their naps overlap.
8. Real food. Back when chicken nuggets & macaroni and cheese weren't part of my home menu. 9. Selfishness. My kids look great, I look like ass. What's "me" time?
10. Not worrying about every child in the universe. I barely remember a time when I blamed everything on the parent. Now, my heart breaks everytime I hear of a child missing or hurt.

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