Aug 11, 2008

Piercing, but not the nice kind

To the nice lady at Claire's in the mall:
She said she wanted her ears pierced. For YEARS, i've been trying to talk her into it. I mean, come on--look at her--she's a gorgeous kid; earrings would look precious on her. FINALLY, she said she wants them pierced, with NO prodding from me. She just came out and said it: "I want my ears pierced. I want earrings." Hallelujah! So, on Sunday, we went up to the mall, and stopped in your Claire's boutique. She was nervous. She kept telling us she was nervous. "Are you sure you want to do this?" "Yes," she kept saying, "Yes." Although, i think a large part of the "yes" was due to the fact that Gamma said she'd buy her that stuffed "Tigress" if she went through with it. She sat in the chair and started crying. "It's over so fast," you kept telling her. "Don't cry," I said, "It's only a pinch, and a little sting." "I'm scared," you kept saying. "Are you sure you want to do this?" "YES."

You know...why am i going through with this post. Let's cut to the chase:

Jenna on the floor screaming her head off because she can't get tigress unless she gets her ears pierced and after 30 minutes the ears still aren't pierced.

So to you, kind, plump working-lady at Claire's boutique: I apologize for the HUGE scene my child caused. And to all the other bystanders, I accept your thanks. Now you have some kind of "example" to remind your kids of how NOT to behave at a mall.

And to you, security guards, thank you so much for not responding to my child's horrific screams as I dragged her out of the mall. Wait, actually, it's a little unsettling that you DIDN'T respond. I could have been kidnapping a random child!! Shame on you!

--sigh-- We'll try again when she's 10.

------------Edited to add---------

You know, the more I think about the fiasco that happened yesterday, the more I realize that it could have been avoided. When we got into the boutique, Gamma let Jenna pick out a prize. She let her hold it, and Jenna was so excited to have it. But Gamma told her she could only have it if she got her ears pierced. So, even though Jen was scared shitless and had decided she DIDN'T want her ears pierced, she wanted to go through with it because she wanted that damned stuffed animal. So then, when Gamma took the animal away from her, the meltdown just got worse. UGH. Can't believe I just didn't see this yesterday. Or, prevented it from happening in the first place.


Fantastagirl said...

Tink got hers done when she was 4 - she said, I want them pierced - we tried to talk her out of it. But she sat there and one two three - both ears were done at once, no tears.

She cried a month later when they had to come out per doctors orders...they had put the earring through a birthmark, and it cause some problems, removed earring, removed problem, and someday when she is a little older we will pierce them again - if she wants.

Anonymous said...

Oh how funny. I wish I could have been there...good birth control. hehe

Gama said...

Ah, let me verify the toy thing, I told Jenna she could pick something out after her ears were pierced. Moments later, I turned around and she was holding the Tiger, I then proceeded to tell her that she was not suppose to pick something until her ears were done, but by then it was to late, so hence you know the rest.


AL said...

Too bad. I hate parenting moments like this! She would look cute, but thankfully, beauty is lower on her list than pain - LOL! Unfortunately, someday, this will change :)