Aug 22, 2008

I miss frivolous

I'm tired of not having any money. Wait, let me rephrase that: i'm tired of my money having to go to places i don't WANT it to go. I want my money to go to places like...oh, i don't SAVINGS account, perhaps. Or maybe to my 401k, or maybe a Roth IRA. I'd also like my money to go to the girls' college fun, or the girls' FUN fund. I'm tired of paying bills. Bills are no fun. I remember when i used to have extra money--when i used to get pedicures and facials, and could take my babies to do fun stuff. UGH. This sucks.
That being said, I'm lucky.

I have a roof over my head, and food on the table. The bills are always paid on time, and well, ALWAYS paid. I'm not a frivolous person. But I sure as hell miss being one. Both for me AND the girls.

One day, i'll be back to "I have money in savings and can afford to be frivolous." I can't wait.


The Howrigon Family said...

Hello Hello! I can't believe I ran across your blog! Holy Crap! you have been blogging for a long time. I sadly, still have not figured out this blog thing. I use to enjoy your blogs on the TTC board but when I received the new computer at x-mas, I lost the link. Glad to read that you & the girls are doing well!


michelle g. said...

i hear ya sister. $800 later on my car. sigh. money may be the root of all evil... but it sure can make life better, eh? xoxo