Apr 16, 2006

"God bless us, every one..."

Wait...that's Christmas.

Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Spring...um...[insert your higher-being of choice] bless us, every one... There, that should cover it.

So, Gamma (my mom) is up North, visiting the family. She left us all here, because she obviously doesn't care enough to be here on Easter to see her grandbabies that love her so very much. So INSTEAD...she's off galavanting around with my aunts and cousin Brit. Yeah, we know what you're doing "Gamma." Don't worry, I won't tell the girls that you have forsaken them for large amounts of wine, beer, and giggling with your siblings. MMMmmmmmHmmmm....I'm onto you, woman.

So, here are the girls. It was awfully hard getting a "happy" picture of them, since they've been crying for days because they miss their Gamma so very much...

Here's Jen...shying away from the camera--trying to hide her tears...

"I love you, Gamma!!"

"Uh, huh....SURE."

"We miss you!"

We miss you, mom, and love you bunches! Have fun with everyone!


Nan said...

i can't believe how much that second picture of Jenna looks like you!

Fly Eater said...

Wow, I was just thinking the same thing, Nan.

OH, BTW, Hello from Bangladesh! No more "Playland".