Apr 5, 2006

America's Favorite

Dear Kraft Foods,

You had me with the "Cheese and Macaroni"--indeed, it IS the cheesiest. I didn't think you could do it, Kraft. I didn't think, for a minute, that you could develop something that would rival powered-cheesy goodness. But you did. Oh.YOU.DID.

Your "Jet-puffed Toasted Coconut marshmallows" are indescribeably scrumptious. There's marshmallow! Then there's coconut! Together!! Life is good. And, indeed, you are right on target when you throw out the 'ol "Guaranteed Jet-Puffed Perfect!" Oh, you silly people. Of COURSE they're perfect! It's a coconut marshmallow! You can't f-that up!

So, I bow to you, Oh creators of coconutty-marshmallowy goodness. I bow to you.


Red said...

Kraft is one of our sponsors, therefore, we have Kraft product all over our office....FOR FREE. How does that strike your fancy?

titankt said...

Here's a tip, though... the new Kraft Supermac dinner that has added nutrition for kids who eat nothing but mac n cheese... it's not good. As a mother, I felt compelled to buy this stuff because it renders otherwise semi-junk foodie mac n cheese actually semi-nutritious! Calcium! Fiber! Vitamins! It tasted at first like they'd added sugar... it seemed much sweeter than the regular stuff. So I looked at the label and it doesn't mention any sugar or other substance we all know is cleverly disguised sugar. So I'm not at all sure what it is about this new formulation that makes it taste funny... maybe it's just too vitaminy... but it is not good. Not good, people.