Apr 17, 2006

Dare ya

Claire was just sitting on the counter, while I was taking my medicine. I swallow the stack with orange juice, turn around, get some water to swish and walk back to Clairey. There's something frothy on the counter, which she's sticking her finger in and sucking on. Of course, I freak out, because I figure that it's some of my medicine that escaped the confines of my glass (I break apart the capsules and disolve it in juice)and landed on the counter. But before I freak out, I have a small moment of, "Wow, Prozac and a hyper 2-year old...bed before 10?" Nevermind. So anyways, I commence freak out, and say, "Oh my gosh! Claire! What is that!" and while I'm saying this, of course, I'm dipping my finger into the frothiness and tasting it to make sure it's not Prozac.

Are you ready for this?

"It's 'pookies.'"

Translation: "It's puke, you dumbass."

I just tasted my kid's puke. Send money. Now.

1 comment:

titankt said...

Ew, Ew, Ew, Ew, Ew, Ew!!!

One hand --> so glad it wasn't Prozac.

Other hand --> so grossed out it was puke.

I confess, on more than one occasion I employed the "smell test" to discern whether or not my son had a poopy diaper, but I never tasted ANYthing! Ew!

You're a good mom, though! Don't know what it is? No problem, taste it! It's puke! Okay! Well, at least it isn't poison or... something.