Mar 15, 2006

The beginnings of an NFL phenom

And here he is, ladies and gentlemen: the World's first ever, 6-month old draftee! Going by "Loco" --he just MIGHT be crazy...Crazy for FOOTBALL, that is-- this little guy has been genetically engineered to be the next big thing in the NFL.

Exhibit A: Here is Loco's foot (on the right), compared with that of a 2.5-year-old.

And here he is in all his burly glory:

To see more of this big guy, visit his homepage.

*and to think...I'm lucky enough to live across the street from this little guy!


DWJSDating? said...

Damn that kid is cute! I bet his Mama is hot . . .


We would love him to NFL material, but will love him if he is a band geek, too! Right, fly eater? (I know he is loving this post, Stewbie!)

Anonymous said...

It may be also the fact that you produced tiny kids...