Nov 15, 2005

Morning drama

This morning, Claire locked herself in my bathroom. Below, is the conversation that followed:

M: "Claire, unlock the door."

C: "No."

M: "Yes."
--doorknob wiggles--
"Turn the lock in the middle."
--wiggle, wiggle--
"Clairey. UNLOCK the door."
--knock, knock--

C: "Who there?"

M: "It's mommy. Open the door."

C: "No it's not. It's banana."
"Knock knock"

M: "Who's there?"

C: "Banana"

M: "Banana who?"

C: "I don't know!" (uproarious laughter)
"knock knock"

M: "Who's there?"

C: "banana"

M: "banana who?"

C: "I Don't Know!" (more laughter)

*At this point, i leave to go find a key for the door. I return about 2 minutes later, and unlock the door. I open it, walk in...

C: "uh-oh"


Amy said...

Okay, now that is funny! I can hear her little voice in my head :<)

Lisa said...


steelcowboy said...


Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

I know all about this, we had similiar experiences in my family. That's how we learned to keep the key on the molding at the top of the door - incase there was a real emergency.

Funny stuff!

Nan said... precious!