Nov 19, 2005

I am crying, and I don't know why

I can tell you why she was crying: Because it was 630pm, she had woken up at 630am, and had forgone the daily nap. THAT'S why she was crying, people. Really, she's two--does there HAVE to be a reason? I think not. It could have been the missing nap, but then again, it could have been the fact that I changed her pee-pee laden diaper. I'm such a bitch. But then...OH, THEN...I took off her overalls and put on her pajamas! Oh.

Call CPS. I'm a horrible mother. Even after I got said pajamas on the tot, she chose to coerce me into pulling her jammie pants on and off no less than 10 times.

"NOOOoooooooo!!!! OOOOOooooooffffff!"
"Okay, I'll take them off."
"Okay, I'll put them on..."
"Okay, I'll put them....on?"
"Nooooooo!!! AAAhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!"

This conversation (or lack thereof) continued, whilst I wrestled Tigger pajama bottoms on and off a diapered ass for longer than I care to admit. She's so fricking persistant. Don't know where she gets that from.


amy said...

HHHHHMMMM . . . I wonder where she gets that from? Funny! Is that one of the fits I heard from across the street?!!? Ha!

stewbie2 said...

As a matter of fact...

Aunt Nan said...

Ummm.....I'm not so sure i'll be staying over when I visit for Christmas....