Nov 5, 2005

God is watching...

Jenna had to pee while we were at the park. The only places to go: Port-a-Potty, or tree. Neither were kosher with Jenna. She decided to hold it, since the potty's were, in her own words, "nasty."

As we were driving home, I said, " soon as we get home, you can go pee-pee in our nice, clean potty." Her little voice pipes up from the backseat: "Yea. I can go pee in our clean potty. It's not nasty. The pottys in Tomball, Texas are clean because that's how God made them. God put all the clean pottys in Tomball, Texas...not at the park."

SO, world, if you want a clean potty, come on over to Tomball, Texas--known for the copious amounts of white-trash rednecks in Walmart, and the clean pottys.


Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...


Little Stewbie said...

Precious beebs fricken kills me with her comments. Do you think I can borrow her for awhile? You know, send her up to NY with her Aunt Nan so I can chew on her for awhile. Need my fill of the beebs.