Jun 18, 2009

An apple a day...

On the way to gymnastics yesterday, Jenna asked me a question--one of those damn TOUGH questions. The ones that are easy to answer, but than just get exceedingly difficult to explain.

"Mom, how did the first people get on earth?"
"God put them here." [See? In my mind, the question's answered. Now stop talking kid, and just listen to some "boom, boom, pow!"]
"How did God put them here?"
"He just made them and put them here. In a nice, pretty little garden."
"God used his special powers and made them, then just put them in the garden."
"He just did. God can do anything."
[quiet reflection]
"Mom? Was the first person Jesus?"
"No, the first person was Adam, then God made Eve."
"Did they have kids?"

And this, my friends, leads into the huge explanation of Adam and Eve, the snake, the apple, the nakedness, etc. I thought I had done a great job of explaining all this in a kid-friendly way, but it's quiet in the backseat. Then I hear the following convo between the chicks:

Jenna: "Why did she eat the apple? I mean, jeez, it's an apple. Didn't they have bananas or something?"
Clairey: "Yeah, I like bananas more. They should have eaten a coconut. I like coconuts."
Jenna: "Mom? WHY did they eat the apple?"
Me: "Well, because the devil tempted them. He told them it was all delicious and great, and that they just HAD to have a bite."
Jenna: "That was stupid. Apples are good, but they're not THAT good."
Clairey: "Yeah, you're right. That was just dumb."

We need to go to Sunday School.


craig said...

Wait till they ask the question: Who did Adam and Eve's children have children with? That's one I'm still waiting on a reasonable answer for. Until then, color me a faithless heathen.

JD said...

***** ROARING ***** Smart, creative, brilliant kids... must be genetic ;)