Jul 24, 2009

How many people hate YOU?

So, how many people hate YOU? I've been thinking about this since yesterday (i'll tell you why in a minute), and I think, as far as I know, only two people don't like me. Maybe i'm just being an idiot; perhaps, 50 people hate me, and i'm just too stupid to notice. However, I can think of only 2 right now: 1 doesn't matter, and the other one does. That other one matters because she's potentially standing between me and a fantastic job. UGH.

So, yesterday, i'm scouring the job boards (again), and as a habit, i always stop by HP. I mean, i've been working as an employee or as a contractor there for almost 10 years. And there it is...a perfect job. Yeah, yeah, i think that at least once a week, but THIS one----it called for a Master's in English, and specific knowledge in HP servers. Sign. Me. Up.

So, i go completely, ballistically excited, email all my HP contacts, and tell them to send a recommendation to the hiring manager. I was SO excited. Notice the "was." I find out who the hiring manager is, and it's a woman that I know HATES me. Seriously??? Of all the damn shitty luck. What ticks me off about this, is that when I was project managing, I gave this girl 110%, and for some reason, she was always unhappy with my work. She literally told my boss that she didn't want to work with me anymore--said I had a bad attitude and didn't do the work. WHAT??? Are you freakin kidding me??? Everytime she said something like that, it just crushed me. However, I had enough clients that loved me and said I busted ass, so I just chalked it up to her not liking me.

Anyways...i'm so bummed about this. This job is just sooooo perfect. UGH. I hope she's woman enough to put her personal differences with me aside and let me interview.


Michelle said...

fingers crossed for you.

Karol Lorenz said...

So, is that manager the one I think it is?

stewbie2 said...

Of COURSE it is.