Mar 12, 2009


So, it's 11:18pm, and I really, really should be in bed. My allergies are killing me. It's this LOVELY Houston weather. Seriously, wtf is up with this crap?? The chicks were SWIMMING Tuesday, and today it's damn near close to arctic. It's so freaking cold, that the pool is STEAMING. Let me make it clear to you, that my pool is NOT heated. So, the 60 degree water in the pool, is steaming because it's so cold outside. Ballsack cat's balls are nowhere to be seen--THAT'S how cold it is.


I'm loving me some Facebook. I hated Myspace. I really did. Although, I will let you know that there is just a damn near precious slideshow of the chicks on there. If it doesn't make you cry then you're a commie bastard. If you look in my September 08 posts, it's probably in there somewhere, too. Cry, you bastard, cry. Back to Facebook. That there, my friends, is some good shit. Do you know how many people i've found on there? Pretty much everyone i've ever known in my life. EXCEPT for my 2nd-grade boyfriend, Jay Phelan. I don't know where he is. He gave me a Holly Hobbie card and chocolates for Valentine's Day in 1982. What a man. And then there's the young chap that every female in my family had a mad crush on for years. Yes, even my mom. It was inappropriate then, and really, it's inappropriate now, but i'll let it slide. And THEN there's my best friend from 3rd grade. Jenny...i've been looking for her for years, and just found out that she lives right down the street! Seriously. I'm not kidding here, people. I'm SERIOUS about facebook. Damn serious.


Tito the Teat-Suckling Cat is sleeping in my lap. He's not suckling his teats. Let's all take a moment to rejoice.....[here's your moment]...aaaaaaannnnndddddd...rejoicing is over. He'll be back to his regular teat-suckling schedule soon.


JD said...

Don't get too excited, he gave me Holly Hobbie cards too... and Lindt chocolates.


Brought our fully furred cat to the vet today to get "The Works" (spayed/vaccinations/declawed), and I was relieved to know it's a she. I wasn't really sure... every time I'd look, I cracked up uncontrollably at the thought of "ballsack cat", and the cat would take it personally and not let me check.

Thomas said...

How many times a day do you wash the pollen off the cars?
It sucks up here in Conroe.