Feb 17, 2009

Interview from PaperNapkin

1. In your not so humble opinion what is your best quality?
My sense of humor. If you can't laugh, then what else can you do?

2. Through the use of a time machine you travel back to 1850and you are able to take only one modern product or invention. What would you take and what would you do with it?
Tampons. And I'm not going to build a house with 'em.

3. If you were to write a book what would the topic or premise be?If I knew, i'd be writing right now. I always thought writing a book about vampires would be awesome. THANKS, Stephenie Meyers.... Guess i'll have to write a book on how to build a house in 1850 using tampons from the future.

4. What is one trip you have never taken but would really like to take someday?
I'd really like to go to Kual Lampur. Did I spell that right? Probably not...

5. If you could swallow a pill that would stop anything of your choice from ever happening again what would the pill permanently end?
Stupidity. I just can't stand stupid people. I'm sure that would fix the idiot drivers, too. Have you heard of a blinker? USE IT!

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paper napkin said...

Great answers. Thanks for playing along!