Feb 17, 2009

And the Lord said, "Go forth and find Stewbie a job."

And everyone must obey. Now. Find a job for me. Right now.

So, yep, I lost my job last Wednesday--Feb. 11th. Basically the whole office closed, with the exception of one lucky coworker who happened to be working on something OTHER than the same client that all-of-us-who-got-canned were working on. Lucky bitch. (FYI: She's not really a bitch--i just like to say that because it's fun.) So, here's what i'm looking at:

1. I have no job.
2. I have no savings (used 'em up when i bought this house).
3. My "severance package," and i use that term LOOSELY, is 2 weeks of pay.
4. Start at number 1 and read through again (you can weep for me if you so choose).

I have a tax return coming, which will buy me 4 weeks of bill-paying coverage, so we're good through the first week of April. After that, for lack of a better word, we're totally fizucked.

And, that tax return...it was going to purchase some new car tires, a new pool motor, and a back fence (thanks, Hurricane IKE, you bastard). Anyone feel like building me a free back fence? How 'bout a free pool motor? New Jeep tires?? Anyone, anyone??

How much are hookers getting these days?

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Anonymous said...

Well that is a craptacular situation. All my conections are here in the Bay Area...*sigh*
Who is the patron saint of occupations? St. Joseph maybe?