Jan 13, 2009

Look, a pinata

Tito, the naked cat, is now a part of our home. The first thing Clairey said when we get him home, besides the expected squeals of excitement and "Oh! He's SO CAAA-UUUUTTTEEE!" was, "Oh, look! I can see his little wiener. It looks like a little pinata!"
She's 5.
She doesn't know the difference between a set of cajones and a wiener, but i let it go. We just all agreed that, yes, Tito has a pinata between his legs. The End.

Here's Tito, lecturing us all on the teachings of St. Thomas of Aquinas:

Later, scattering the entrails of his first kill:

Looking dashing, and teasing the ladies with a little tongue action:


Anonymous said...


even with the sweater, he looks cold!!!!


TitanKT said...

I love how you can see that if he had fur, he'd be a grey and white tiger stripy cat. Heh.

So, my $64,000 question is: How do he and Punkin get along!?!

Thomas said...

It scares me.
I think satan lives in your new cat


~Sally said...

How nice...a condom for your foreskin cat...ribbed for your pleasure....