Jan 6, 2009

Conversations with Clairey

Tucking Clairey in for the night....

Me: I love you...
Clairey: I love you more...
Me: I love you more than all the clouds in the sky....
Clairey: Huh? More than all the clowns in the sky??
Me: No, you poop. More than all the CLOUDS.
Clairey: Clowns are creepy.
Me: Yeah, I think so too.
Clairey: Here, look at my finger [holds up her pointer finger]. Look close. See that right there? Right there on the very top?
Me: Um...no. Why? What is it?
Clairey: It's a little clown. His name is Bobby.
Me: [laughing hysterically] A little clown lives on the tip of your finger?
Clairey: Yeah, but he's not creepy. Nah, Bobby's not creepy.
Me: Okay, well. Goodnight, baby......goodnight, Bobby.
[hysterical laughing ensues....]

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