Jan 14, 2009

It's all about the Jonii

Jonii: 'Joe-nIE'; the Jonas Brothers

If you have girls over the age of 5, then it's all about the Jonii, baby. And, thank you Disney, the fruit of my loins have ecstatically educated me on the fact that there will be a Jonas Brothers movie. In DISNEY DIGITAL 3D!! Woooo. I can't wait. We get to see all about the hardships of being 16 and under and a multi-millionaire. It's a tough life, people. A tough life.

Both of my chicks think that Joe Jonas is the man. And more handsome than Prince Charming. And, although she stuttered for a mere moment, Joe is apparently, more handsome than Captain Jack Sparrow (the other love of Clairey's life). And, as she also pointed out, Joe is also more handsome than SMM. Poor SMM; thrown to the wolves by a 5-year old. Alas.

The Jonas Brothers are to my chicks what NKOTB were to me--just a bunch of cute boys singing about how I'm their popsicle.


Thomas said...

Jonii, that just kills me, probably as much as I would like to do the same to the Jonii.

How could Capt. Jack Sparrow get dumped for the Jonii? I do not understand that


TitanKT said...

Oh, Clairey, no... NO ONE is cuter than Captain Jack Sparrow. Unless maybe it's young Will Turner who is equally yummy. That is the one threesome I would gladly and immediately agree to, right there.

Monkey Giggles said...

It's nice to meet you.

Thank you for your sweet comment.