Dec 1, 2008

Let the fun begin...

So, I had all last week off. Oh yes...NO WORK. I was thrilled. So, what did I do? I touched up the crown molding, Christmas shopped, reupholstered 1 of 6 dining room chairs, halfway reupholstered another, and completely f-ed up another.

Thanksgiving morning. Scene: I'm in bed, SMM is getting dressed. It's the ungodly hour of 630am or something like that.

Me: "Babe...what are you doing?"
Smm: "I'm going to go pick up a Thanksgiving hooker."
Me: "Oh...alright."
Smm: "I'm gonna get a black one this year."
Me: "Sweet."

On another note, Clairey and i were talking about the rennaisance faire of 2007:
Clairey: "...yeah, i got to ride the efalint. His skin was kinda scratchy. There was a canimal there, too, but i didn't ride him."
Me: "A what?"
Clairey: "A CANIMAL. You know...those animals with a lump on their back."

And, that's all folks!

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