Dec 2, 2008

His arrival is imminent...

Our naked cat will be moving in around mid-January. His name is "Tito Nakie Doopah of Lekittysplit." We'll just call him "Tito" for short. I can't wait.

All hail the hairless cat. Meow. And yes, I KNOW, that there are a million "hairless pussy" jokes that can be tied to this. I KNOW.


TitanKT said...

What happened to Punkin?

sari said...


I found you through Katy's blog. Are you getting a hairless cat for allergy reasons? My son has horrible cat allergies but loves cats and I think that little guy is awfully cute.

Are they super $$$ ???? Probably. You're paying for the no hair, ha ha.

Have a great day!

PS Your "Good Bloke!" story made me laugh. I've had a few of those days myself.