Dec 5, 2008

Conversations with Clairey and Jenna

Last night at dinner, Clairey was explaining part of the movie, "The Santa Clause" to me...

Claire: "..and then these elves come in, but they're not really elves, they're Secret Asians."

Me: "What? They're what? Secret Agents?"

Clairey: "Yep. Secret Asians."

Me: "Secret Asians?? What are they, like ninjas or something?" [And yes, me and SMM were totally laughing our asses off by now.]

Clairey: "Yeah! They were engines!"

Me: "Secret Asian Injuns??"

Clairey: "Yep. Secret Asian Injuns."

Note: We watched "The Santa Clause" last night. I saw no Asians--secret or not, and definitely didn't see any injuns.

This morning, i made the girls eggs and toast for breakfast, and this is their conversation.

Clairey: "Jen, we're eating baby chickens."

Jenna: "No we're not. This is just an egg."

Clairey: "But an egg is a baby chicken."

Jenna: "No, it's just an egg that came out of the mommy chicken's butt. It's just an EGG. The mommy chicken needs to be married to the daddy chicken to make an egg with a baby chicken inside."

Clairey: "How to chickens get married?"

Jenna: "Well, they touch their beaks--you know, they kinda rub their beaks together. Right mom?"

Me: "Um...not sure. I've never conducted a chicken marriage."

You know all those wrinkles I have around my eyes? It's from laughing SO. DAMN. HARD.

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