Jun 26, 2008

TV sucks

Dh and I don't watch much tv. The girls barely watch ANY. I hate the idea of plopping them down in front of the tv to "babysit" them. It's unecessary and there are plenty of other more mentallly-stimulating things that they could do. My brother calls me a "Nazi mother," I call myself smart. Anyways, after the kids go to bed, SMM and i like to snuggle on the couch and watch the Discovery Channel, the History Channel or other similiar types of programming. Our two favorite channels were the Equator channel and the Gallery channel. Both brilliant programming, providing some really stimulating stuff. However, DishNetwork is run by idiots, and they cancelled those two channels. Now I'm pissed because nothing worth watching is ever on. The past few nights, we have delved into "non-cable" networks. I now know why the world is going to shit. "America's Got Talent" and "Celebrity Circus" were on. Holy crap. This is exactly why IQs are dropping. This kind of programming is why I can't find a single effing person to have a decent conversation with. I tried, OH, I tried. HOW can anyone sit through this trash?? I could feel my brain liquidating. UGH.

I feel like the world is getting stupid.

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