Jul 15, 2008

Back in Texas

Well, we're back from California. Man, it's hard leaving Southern Cal and it's awesome weather to come right back to the oven that is Houston. It's even harder leaving my sister. It's even harder driving the 22 hours back to Texas when the chicks are in the backseat crying, "We don't want to go back to Texas! We want to live in California!" Yeah, me too girls. I'll take the increase in housing for the beautiful views, awesome weather, and my sister.

We had an awesome time--the beach, Disney's California Adventure, Legoland, and just tons of fun. My sister's cats are probably partying it up now that the chicks are gone. Those poor things couldn't catch a break while we were there--the girls were just dragging them around everywhere. Our cat is old and crotchety and hates people. My sister's cats are young and stupid.

Here are some pictures of the joy:

Clairey at the beach. Some totally ripped 9/10-year old boys dug a huge hole in the sand. The girls liked to jump in it. It was so deep, that we couldn't see them--even when they were standing up.

Jenna at the Wildlife Animal park. Yes, there were cheetahs. Yes, there was much excitement. See the sparkle in her eyes? She was contemplating stealing a cheetah. She's gorgeous.

Clairey just looking as cute as a friggin' button. I could eat her face. This kid is absolutely precious.

Waiting in line for Toy Story Mania at Disney's California Adventure. Don't go there. It's a 1/4 the size of DisneyLand and costs the same. What a rip off. This was one of only FOUR rides that Jenna would go on. She went in this and Monsters Inc. The other two, she attempted, but it ended in high-pitched screams.

Me and The Munch at Legoland. I can't believe more strangers just don't try to eat her. She's that adorable.

The drive back to Texas.

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