Apr 15, 2008

I will beat your children

Why are little boys such shits? I swear, I'm going to beat the ass of every boy-child that comes within arms reach, and then i'm going to teach my girls to beat their asses, too. Maybe it's just the age...when do they start to be little pricks? 6? 7? How long does it last? Even my stepsons displayed the whole, "We don't want to play with you" (towards the girls) last time they were here. But since they're now partially mine, I can withold food from them, so they straighten up pretty quickly. I can't dig my claws into every boy though.

Yesterday, Jenna had her "musical theatre" class. You know, the class that's going to make her a "rockstar"--so she thinks. She brought along Pico, Pico Rivera. Oh yes, he's still around. After class, she looked forlorn, so i asked what was up. "A boy told me that Pico was ugly." (picture)
"Yes. A boy said, 'your dog is ugly.'"
"What did you tell him?"

Now, this is Jenna we're talking about--she's the sensitive one. Claire, on the other hand, would have clocked the holy hell outta that kid then kicked him in the ribs, all the while chanting, "Who's ugly now, bitch?!" and rubbing Pico's ass in his face. But alas, Jenna would never do such a thing. So I said, "Jen, I'm sorry that that little boy said something ugly to you, but some people just do that. Next time someone says something to you that is not nice, just say, 'Whatever,' and turn the other way." Of course, that's not what I WANTED to tell her, but "Kid, you're nothing but an asshole" would never come out of her mouth.

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TitanKT said...

Oooh, okay, I better not come visit then.

But let the record show that while my son is all boy and no doubt about that, he is into the cute. He would probably not admit to it around his "guy" friends, but he definitely loves cute stuff. For now, anyway.

He has three "friends" he sleeps with. Sunny Bunny (a yellow Care Bear dressed up for Easter), Toby the Bear he made at Build-A-Bear, and his newest sleepy time pal, Mark, the blue bunny (with the purple plaid bowtie... we think he's gay).

So, while my son would want to chat Jenna up about how fun it is to play "Need for Speed" or "Lego Star Wars" and give her five minutes of back story on every single one of his 10,000 little cars, he would never impugn the cuteness of Pico. Purloin maybe, but impugn, never.