Apr 10, 2008

That thing would tear into a tomato

So, who in this joint has a "PedEgg?" Do you know what i'm talking about? This:

(First, i must give props to Zoot: http://www.misszoot.com/, as she's the one whom brought this up.)

The commercial grosses her out, but for good reason. It actually shows someone dumping their "foot shavings" onto some fabric. Yeah, that IS disgusting. "Foot shavings"...that's just nasty. The commercial also shows them rubbing the damn thing on a tomato, saying, "it's just so gentle." That, my friends, is pure bullshit. That "egg," if you will, is sharp. I won't let my kids play with it. Steak knives, yes. "PedEgg," notsomuch.

I will say, though, my heels are like a baby's ass. But not as stinky.


Lea said...

OMG - you actually have oen... Can I feel you feet??

TitanKT said...

Okay... FOOT SHAVINGS!?!?! I don't usually guffaw, but that did it. And I agree, by the way... dumping a giant pile of powdered dead skin into an unlined trashcan just makes my mind scream, "NOOO!"

But I, too, have a PedEgg story.

Some weeks ago Michael and I were both sitting on the sofa and had our bare feet propped up on the table and I said to him, "Look how little my toes are, Michael. They're almost smaller than yours."

And he said, very matter-of-factly, "Yes, but you need to shave them."

"Uh... what?!" looking frantically at my toes for something that would make him think they needed to be shaved.

"Yes, you need the PedEgg."

My God, in that moment he might just as well have been Billy Mays.

"Son, don't sit there and try to sell me shit off the TV, mkay?"

I have thought about getting one, as it happens, but I can't bear it. I use the same sort of thing to zest lemons for salad dressings and fish, I cannot bear to buy something so similar, yet ergonomically designed!, to zest the callouses off my feet. I just can't. Feet zest. No.