Mar 27, 2008

Over in Oz

So, i just got off the phone with my best friend, who now lives in Australia. I have decided that I cannot ever live in Australia. The price of Diet Coke is horrible, and to me, it would be akin to a drug habit. And, for all you Mountain Dew drinkers: there is NO caffeine in the Dew!! OH, TRAVESTY!!!


Manic Mom said...

Hey there stranger!

And funny to read this post when I am trying to wean myself from evil old DC!!!

AL said...

Sometimes it goes on sale! I am learning when things are a good price - buy a shit load of stuff.

Another thing that is limited here: fruit snacks! Oh, my children are living a rough life . . . hehehehe! I did find a suitable substitute that is like long, skinny gummy worms and fruit snacks combined.

I miss you like crazy! Love you :)