Mar 19, 2008

And lo, there were cheetahs

And the mother prayed fervently to God, "Please, please, oh Lord, don't let my air-conditioning unit crap out and leak all through my ceiling before my husband has a chance to get up there and unclog the drain pan himself!" Oh, wait...different post. ~Exuent~

[Take 2]

And the mother prayed fervently to God, "Please, please, oh Lord, let it be that the Houston Zoo has realized it's shortcomings as a cheetah-less environment, and let there be cheetahs! I beg of you Lord, I can no longer stand the mewing of my Cheetah-loving-child that she is irreversibly and emotionally damaged because we did not take the trek to San Diego to view the cheetahs at the San Diego Zoo Wildlife habitat. Please Lord, have mercy on my soul. Just. Let. There. Be. Cheetahs." And the mother collapsed, silently mouthing the words, "Cheetahs. God, please. ChEEETAAAAHSSsssssss....."

And, on the third day of Spring Break, the mother took her chicks to the Houston Zoo.

Many animals were to be seen at the zoo:

The flamingos, with their not-to-be-found-in-nature coloring (but I guess, since they ARE in nature, then it is to be found...I digress.):

The regal lions in all their glorious napping:

And, of course, that weird animal that looks like a mix between a horse and a giraffe, but has a stripey butt:

Then, we rounded the corner of the giraffe exhibit, and lo, there were CHEETAHS. And the earth did rejoice.

And the girl jumped and danced and giggled and shouted, and all the people did look about at the crazy child who was calling to the cheetahs in their native growl-that's-not-really-a-growl-because-cheetahs-don't-growl-but-make-this-little-chirpy sound. And the people continued to look, because God likes to keep it a secret that cheetahs don't growl so everyone thought the little girl was just a strange kid making a random chirpy sound at the cheetahs. BUT...oh but...the little one didn't care. The small child has finally, oh-thank-you-God, FINALLY seen a real, live cheetah. And the earth is now at peace.


P.S. Being able to see Jenna's expression when she saw those cheetahs---seriously: PRICELESS. And i know that word is overused these days (thanks, Mastercard), but i can't think of another adjective to convey that feeling. It was just phenomenal (hey look! There's the 'other' adjective). And people, I was so proud of my daughter when she had a group of adults around her while she explained to them why there are dogs in the cheetah habitat, where they can go to learn more about cheetahs, and why they should donate money to the Cheetah Conservation Fund. She's a mini-zooligist.

So now, everyone go to and donate money and/or adopt a cheetah or a guard dog. Jenna's cheetah is D'Artagnan. Tell him she says, "Hi!"

Oh look: More pictures....
"The Toothless Wonder": Meaning, we wonder, "HOW does she eat?"
Ready for the carousel ride.
The chicks in the bird aviary.
Chicks...Bird aviary...bwahahaha! Not funny?

In the tunnel that goes through the coral reef.

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