Sep 12, 2006

To my precious pumpshkin

On Sunday, you turned three years old. Three! I can't believe it's already been three years. You, princess, are such a ray of sunshine. You light up everything around you, and no one can resist your amazing smile, or the sweetness of your laughter. Everyone loves you, baby girl, and it's no wonder. Your gravely little voice can melt the toughest of exteriors, and charm anyone. This past year has been such a "growing" year for you--in ability, but not in height! You are so super tiny! Your physical ability is limitless. You swing from monkey bars, jump off tall structures, and run and play like the big kids. YOU, my baby, will be the one that breaks an arm or leg. Me and the sitter have already worked out a plan of what to do when you break your first limb. It's going to happen--it's just a matter of time, you monkey! Yesterday night was your first time in gymnastics class and you took to it like a pro! You looked so adorable on the balance beam, and you listened to your coaches so well. You make me so proud, little one! You are such an amazing child. You bring such happiness to my life! I love you SOOOOOO much (with arms outstretched)! Happy Birthday, sweet girl!


Anonymous said...

Yeah Happy Birthday to you too!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Have you turned 41 yet? Old Goat!....hahahaha