Sep 19, 2006

Oops...I did it again

And by that, I mean that I signed up Jenna for gymnastics again. You'd think, since both "jenna" and "gymnastics" have such a nice alliteration, that they would go together like peas in a pod, white on rice, ecetera, ecetera. Or, you would possibly think of the old adage, "Third time's a charm." Yes, well, a charm that conjours up images of the devil, maybe. Nah, it's not so bad. Let me start from the beginning. The beginning of the third quest, that is.

Jenna and Clairey have BOTH been signed up for gymnastics. Clairey, because she swings/climbs/jumps off of everything, and Jenna because, well...because I'm a glutton for punishment. Either that, or I'm on drugs. But seriously, I WAS thinking that you know, since this is the THIRD time I'm putting her in gymnastics, surely, SURELY, she'll get the jist of it. And honestly, i'm not one of those crazy stage mothers who thinks that her daughter has to live out her long-lost vision of becoming an olympic gymnast or anything like that. I'm not. Although I DID dabble in the art of gymnastics for a bazillion years, and wanted to be Mary Lou's protege. But i'm not hell bent on the kids being gymnasts. I am, hellbent, however, on them TRYING it. And by "trying," I mean "listen to the teacher and actually do as she says and see if you think it's fun," rather than Jenna's interpretation of "trying" which means, "look at the teacher blankly and as soon as she takes her eyes off of you run towards your mother who's sitting in the gallery and garner kisses and hugs before you run back to your teacher and pretend like nothing ever happened." And I know there are some of you that are thinking, "Awwwww....she just wants kisses and hugs from her mommy!" And let me tell you to quit that sort of smoochy-thinking right now, because you're wrong. Oh yes, so very wrong. You don't know my child. She is only four, but is a master of manipulation. She knows that if she runs to me in front of a million parents and wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me and says, "Mommy, I love you SO much!" that I will not beat her in front of people. She KNOWS this, and she uses it to her advantage. Oh, she's a crafty one, she is.

Meanwhile, Clairey is out there on the uneven bars, scooting across and pulling off monkeys. (I'm not even going to try to explain that one--it's just too funny to let you think of what that might mean.) All this, and only the second class. We go every Monday night. Tune in for more shenanigans.

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Nik said...

Jenna's gymnastic stories are my favorite!