Sep 7, 2006

The quick and dirty

Wow...time really flies by. I've been incredibly busy this past month, doing things like....oh, falling asleep on the couch at 330, scrubbing "washable" markers out of kids' butt cracks, and creating birthday montages that tug at my heartstrings and make me wish the girls would stop growing--you know, the usual. On a random note, i've also developed an ant problem at the house. First they were in the shower, then the bathtub, then this morning...this morning the little bastards were on my kitchen counter. Really, now. I hate ants. And they're not the little "sugar" ants--these are the real, "we'll bite you for no particular reason other than you're there" ants. Jenna's the one that found them on the counter, and because it's Jenna, she freaked out. There was screaming and yelling and shrieking because the ants might make a dead leap right for her jugular. You never know.

*Clairey turns three on September 10th. THREE. Good Lord. She's also entering the "terrible threes." Much like the "terrible twos," except that she's had an additional year to earn patches from the "Jenna Drama Camp."

*There are ants. Oh wait...I already mentioned that.

*Gymnastics starts again. YES...I'm giving it another shot. Let's see if they let Jenna back in the gym.

*"Washable" marker isn't as washable as they say. Maybe if you're sandblasting.

*Jenna turns 15 on September 30th. Actually, she'll be 5, but if we're going by attitude, it's definitely somewhere close to 15.


Mike said...

If you hate ants, how do you feel about uncles? I've had BOTH in my house!

DWJSDating? said...

They look so sweet! Kiss :)