Mar 14, 2013

The Munch is Obsessed (FBtF)

We all knew The Munch had a boob obsession. I mean, let's face it--the kid was breastfed for 2 years, then threw a holy fit when I was forced to wean her. And, seriously, she was already down to 2x a day. She would walk up to me, put her chubby little hands on my knees and blubber, "Bbbbbbooooobbbiiiiessss!" And i'd look at her and say, "Sorry. Milkbar is closed." Just kidding. It somewhat broke my heart.

So, with the advent of Boobmageddon and all that came with it, The Munch has been involved every step of the way. From saying 'goodbye' to my old boobies, sitting on my lap and checking out my absence of boobies (the scars, the drainage tubes...), going to the doctor with me to get the tissue expanders filled, and now, to being enthralled with the new implants.

She wants to touch them. EVERY DAY. She walked into my office this morning and gave me a hug, then asked, "Can I feel your boobies?"
"They're squishier than those other things."
"Than the tissue expanders? Yep, they're MUCH squishier."
"They're squishier than your old, real boobies."
"Really?" (Like I said, these feel like Amazing Fruits candy. I guess my old boobies just felt like...boobies.)

And then she proceeded to lean over and lay her head on my right one. And she just sat there. OBSESSED.

Then she got up and made me coffee. The kid may be obsessed with my boobs, but damn, she makes a good cup of coffee.

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