Mar 4, 2013

Losing eyeballs

In the shower with Clairey...

She's in the spray, and i'm facing the back wall, shaving my legs. Suddenly, she screams, "AAAAHHHH!!!!"

I quickly turn around and she's under the shower with her left hand over her left eye. She looks at me, and says in a loud, punctuated tone, "MY. EYEBALL. ALMOST. FELL. OUT."

I ignore the look of terror on her face and calmly state, "I'm pretty sure your eyeball didn't almost fall out."

"No! No!! It did!!" This kid is serious. "I felt it vi-ber-ating right here..." And she points to the inner corner of her eye. "It shouldn't vi-ber-ate, right?"

I just turned around and continued shaving.  

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