Feb 19, 2013

I can't wait for... (FBtF)

Pre-op appointment is scheduled! YAY!!

Things I'm looking forward to (in no particular order):
  • Pliable boobs
  • Lying on my belly
  • Lying completely on my side
  • Lying completely flat on my back (the pressure kills ya)
  • Shaving my legs without having to manuever my body so my leg isn't hitting a tissue expander
  • Having boobs that don't look like bowling balls
  • Having boobs that are situated properly--re: Not in my armpits
  • Being able to snuggle with Chris
  • Being able to lie in bed next to Chris and not have to reach my arm over a tower of pillows just to touch his shoulder
  • Snuggling with my babies--pulling them close to me and covering them with kisses without fear of breaking a rib
  • Wearing any shirt I want
  • Being able to reach my arms across my body
I know there are many, many other things...

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