Aug 31, 2010

What's a 'Cheese Mick'?

An Irish mouse. Just kidding.

On Sunday, Clairey was standing in the pool sans bathing suit top, singing a song to me and SMM. It was a rap. About a naked mole rat. And Cheese Micks (Cheese Nips).  It was a fine little diddy--went something like this;

"When I say 'Mole Rat', you say 'Cheese Micks'! 'Mole Rat'! 'Cheese Micks'! 'Mole Rat'! 'Cheese Micks'!
If you put a mole rat trap down your pants, and you add a piece of cheese, you might catch a mole rat in your pants!"

I'm not sure how the rest went. I was crying, because i was laughing so hard. There were motions to go along with this, too.

This kid is too much.

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