Aug 27, 2010

Locust Watch 2010

SMM was home this morning when the girls got up for school. He's heading out to Austin for a "boys weekend" with some longtime friends. The girls were excited--because he's usually long-gone by the time they wake up.

Everyone up, ready for school, my boy makes the coffee--always a nice turn of events. I love it because he asks (since i have new eating habits): "if i make coffee, will you drink it?" Why, yes, of course I will. I'm crazy, but i still have one cup of coffee a day.

While he prepared the morning brew, i stood there and made the girls' lunches while Clairey ate breakfast and Jenna cleaned the kitty litter. Do you know how hard it is to make lunches while your neck is stiff? It's tough. SMM asked if he could help. "No," i said, "I can do it."
"You're stubborn," he said. Then he looked at the girls, "Some people call that 'persistence', but your mom is just stubborn." They looked at him.

Eventually, lunches were made, breakfast was eaten, and SMM was on the road.

I grabbed my cup of coffee and moved to the formal dining room, where i sat to watch for the bus. The girls stood at the front door, inspecting some kind of large bug that lay on the front porch, upside down, in a fierce fight for it's life.
"Go turn it over with a stick," I said.
"Ewwww!" Jenna's such a wuss.
Clairey spoke up: "I'll do it!" Of COURSE she will.

Clairey walked outside and flipped it over with a stick. It was a locust. Couldn't walk, it's wings were dirty, it started lumbering along. Slowly. I went back to my chair and my cup of coffee, listening to the chicks chatter in the background.
"It's limping," said Clairey.
"It's going to fall off the sidewalk! Go save it, Clairey!" yelled Jenna.
So, again, Clairey goes outside to save the locust from certain know...from falling off the walkway. I remained in my chair, with my coffee.

Clairey comes in--the Locust Saver--and the girls continue Locust Watch 2010. The poor thing is limping down the walkway. Jenna sighs a deep sigh, then says (quite forlornly), "It's going to die." So, of course, I immediately belt out, "It's the ciiiiiiiiirrrrrrrcle of LIFE!!!!! And it moves us alllllllll....." I mean, seriously, what else was there to do?

Then the whole family joins in. Let me paint a mental picture:
Me, sitting in the rocking chair, by the window (much like Norman Bates' dead mother) with my coffee cup, singing "The Circle of Life"; Tito, hops up on the piano and starts walking around on the keys (providing musical backdrop); Clairey doing an interpretive dance; and Jenna, at the door, waving to the dying locust.

Yep, normal morning in our house.

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vanessa said...

Momma, I love it. A delightful read. More, more!