Jan 5, 2010

No sleep 'til Brooklyn

Just got back from a trip to NY to visit my lovely sister and her entertaining husband. We were there for a week and probably did more in that week than most visitors do in a month. Seriously. It was crazy. The girls walked longer distances than they've ever walked and were so good--hardly any complaining. And, to make it all perfect, it snowed while we were there! It doesn't get any better than that!

Dropped the 'ol life savings on entertainment for the urchins, and their favorite part? Clairey's was the subway and Jenna's was the public library. Go figure. I should've just given Claire a MetroPass and let her ride the trains all week and locked Jenna in the library. You could get lost for a week in that place. Of course, I would've given her a bag of Goldfish for sustenance--there's a water fountain--she would've been fine.

My favorite part? Just seeing my sister. I hate not being near her. Totally sucks goat balls. SMM's favorite part? I'd venture to say it was eating at the restaurant in Little Italy. "Cafe Napoli"--i highly recommend it. The eggplant parmesan is delicious enough to make me resign my Irish heritage and pretend to be Italian. Yeah, it's THAT good. Also, the little cafe in Bay Ridge--Rustica--needs to be enshrined. DELICIOUS. Every desert I had while there was to die for. And, amazingly enough, I only gained a pound. HOORAY!

However, we never did get a good pie while we were there. SMM and Johnny went out to grab one on New Year's Day, but apparently, pizzerias are closed to celebrate...um...beginning the new year?? Who knows. They brought one back, but it was only okay--next time we'll dine at Pepino's...next time.

And i plan to gain at least 5 pounds.

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