Jan 5, 2010

2009 wrap up

Let's see--2009:
  1. Lost my job 2nd week in February.
  2. SMM and i celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary, March 17th.
  3. Spent the summer trying to entertain the chicks on a very small budget--actually worked out well.
  4. Spent a week in Costa Rica, thanks to my 401k that we had to cash out in order to pay for our house. Yeah, we'll get screwed in April, but we still have our house!
  5. Got my job back August 1st. WOO HOO!!! Best company in the world.
  6. September--Jenna started piano lessons, and I kid you not--the girl's a freakin' musical genius. But yes, i'm her mother, so i think she's great at everything.
  7. Clairey got moved to the girl's gymnastics team in October. Yay my little gymnast! I also started the P90X workout. I nearly died that first week.
  8. My sister came to visit from NYC in November. :) I hate it when she goes back. Nice Thanksgiving with friends.
  9. December was awesome. Lost 18lbs doing P90. Spent a week in NYC with my babies and SMM visiting my sister and brother-in-law. Too much fun. Hated coming back.
And, that's pretty much it. All in all, it was a great year. Six months without a job, but stronger for it. :) Got to spend more time with the chicks than ever.

Looking forward to 2010!!

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