Apr 10, 2009

Job interview 1.5

The interview has moved to next Tuesday...stay tuned.

I've been having some weird-ass dreams lately, and it's all Facebook's fault. Getting in touch with all my old classmates has introduced a whole new set of people into my dreams.

Last night I dreamed about a scene from "Barefoot in the Park," that I did with my friend Aaron. I remember the theatre class was laughing at me because there was a part where we were yelling at each other, and my voice kept getting higher and higher. I turn into a pipsqueak when i'm yelling, which is why i DO NOT yell when fighting. If you sound like a baby chick, it's just not powerful enough when trying to get your point across. Anyway, it was Aaron and I doing our duet scene, then people left us fanmail in a box. Weird.

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