Apr 9, 2009

Job Interview 1.0

Okay, so i have phone interview #2 on Friday. Friday, as in, TOMORROW Friday. I'm slightly nervous, slightly not. Kind of uncommitted in my thoughts, if you will. The most exciting thing about it is that if I get it, I'll have money again. AND, I'll be forced to buy new clothes, and with new clothes come shoes. YEE!! You see, for the past nearly 5 years, i've been working from home. In MY office (downstairs to the left of the front door), my dresscode is strictly yoga pants and tank tops, or my favorite "Ireland Rugby" shirt which has been worn so often that the writing has faded into nothing. Bare feet are essential. I'm guessing that if I get this job, i'll have to wear real clothes. Going braless with a tank top is not going to be allowed. I mean, they didn't SAY that, but i'm just guessing.

I haven't worn "office" clothes in such a long time, i'm not even sure what to buy. I mean, i'm not the staunch, buttoned-up type. Plus, it's just hard for me to buy clothes. UGH. I'm a white girl with junk in the trunk. Yeah, baby got back, and all that shit. No one makes clothing for curves. Which reminds me...i need to put down these Reese's eggs and run or something. I need to have LESS curves. Rubenesque hasn't been in since the Renaissance. I keep hoping it returns, but i'm running out of hope here.

Anyways, job interview on Friday...fingers crossed.

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Anonymous said...

Good Luck!