Sep 8, 2008

Contemplating suicide?

Go work for Build-a-Bear tech support. I would shoot myself. And NOT leave a note.

One of my chicks was having technical difficulties registering one her bazillion Build-a-Bears, so I had to email them. This is the response i received:

Hi there Steph!

Thanks fur the information you provided us.

Your Animal ID and Keycode is now valid. You may try to register your furry friend again.

To bring your furry friend to life online, you need to enter the Animal ID/Keycode. Just go to the virtual Build-A-Bear Workshop store at the Town Square and follow these steps:

1. Click on the Bear Builder associate standing at the Take-Me-Home station.
2. Choose "Would you like to bring your furry friend to life online?"
3. Choose "My furry friend was made AFTER October 2007 and I have its birth certificate."
4. Enter your Animal ID and Keycode.

After you have added a furry friend to your "My Stuff", your furry friend will jump into the cool virtual backpack you receive and you are ready to explore the world and play all of the mini games together.

Please feel free to write us back if you have other questions or concerns.

Have a Bearrific day!

Bear Hugs,
From your CyBear Pal

Is this a little bit of overkill? Is it? Methinks so.

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