Sep 23, 2008


Song you love: "In My Daughter's Eyes" --always a weepy fave
Word you love: alliteration (it just sounds like music)
Academic subject you love: Art History
Hobby you love: taking pictures
Type of baked good you love: 7-layer cookies, cold, with coffee
Type of sky you love: sunset, when the sky is purple
Beverage you love: Diet Coke
Vacation you love: the types where i can hear my girls laughing
Restaurant you love: The Black Lab
Way of getting around that you love: Mini-mini!
Person you love: So many...
Room in your home (or ideal home) you love: my office (i love what i want it to look like; not how it is NOW)
Movie you love: Pride and Prejudice
Book you love: A Fine Balance
City you love: Salzburg
Future plan you love: Italian countryside vacation
Form of communication you love: blowing kisses
Junk food you love: Nutty Bars

1 comment:

michybrit said...

you love salzburg? Like... where the sound of music was set? I've told joel that we must go there someday. also, my GPs were born in Vienna so we have to get over that way. So much family history!